Research Advocacy Partnerships


Developing opportunities for research through parternships with universities, organisations and the staff and young people of the Youth+ Network is an ongoing priority.  The underlying rationale of this commitment includes:

  • the complexity of our work with young people
  • the scarcity of research based practice and evaluation at a national level
  • the need for development of relevant theortical frameworks based on professional experience, reflective practice and a growing understanding of the complex needs of the disengaged young people whom we support as they make life and learning choices.

Currently the Youth+ network is undertaking three Australian Research Council funded projects.  These include:

  • Re-engaging disadvantaged youth through science (with James Cook University)
  • Developing a values approach to school renewal (Griifith University)
  • Sustainable Selves: A new assessment model for marginalised secondary students (Queensland University of Technology).