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Flexible Learning Centres

Flexible Learning Centres are part of Edmund Rice Education Australia's national initiative, Youth+, responding to the needs of young people in our communities. Accredited flexible education services provide young people with an opportunity to re-engage in education in a flexible supported learning environment.

The workers in our schools aim to build trusting relationships and educational pathways for young people in the local community who are currently disengaged from education.

Our Principles

FLCs use the following principles to guide how the group works together:

  • PARTICIPATION (have a go)
  • SAFE and LEGAL

They are used by young people and staff to:

  • encourage learning
  • build personal relationships
  • resolve conflict

Young People

Youth+ celebrates the unique character and hopes of young people of secondary school age.

Flexible Learning Choices

FLC programs focus on

  • individual needs of young people
  • small group learning
  • teacher and youth worker support
  • learning experiences supporting social and emotional needs of young people as well as academic skills
  • empowering young people to take personal responsibility for their actions and learning.

WHEN Does It Run?

Mondays to Fridays. In some FLCs a bus pick up and drop off from set points each day is possible.

WHY Young People Might Give This a Go?

They are:

  • ready to try learning again
  • like learning in small groups
  • want to make a fresh start
  • bored with doing nothing
  • want to reconnect with young people in a learning environment
  • want to finish school/gain education qualifications.

WHAT Do Young People Learn About?

Lots of things:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Vocational Education and Training Courses
  • Practical hands on experiences
  • Your community and world
  • Healthy relationships
  • The world of work
  • Planning for your future
  • Dealing with the big issues
  • Health and well being

And have some fun along the way!

HOW Do I Find Out More?

You can contact an FLC in your local area or send us an email via contact us.