About Us

Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers, established an education system that was relationship based, outreaching, inclusive, just and relevant to its time. Centered in the Christian tradition, it gave priority to the uniqueness and dignity of each person. The insight of Edmund Rice was that personal and community liberation could be achieved through educational and community experiences that enable transformation.

Central to the development and work of the Edmund Rice Education Australia Flexible Learning Centre Network (EREA FLCN) is the provision of a response to the Christian Brothers Congregation to the signs of the times, that is, to be active in creating social and learning environments which enable the emancipation of young people who have been disenfranchised from education and social connection. The EREA FLCN has emerged by responding to invitation from communities seeking opportunities for disengaged young people.

The aim of the EREA FLCN is to respond to the needs of young people at the margins of education. It achieves its aim by building honest and authentic relationships with young people and their families, supporting and celebrating the uniqueness and dignity of each young person.